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A rich Internet application (RIA) is a kind of a web application that is specially developed and designed to deliver similar functionality and features normally correlated with desktop applications. Generally, the Rich Internet applications break the processing across the network or internet divide by settling the user interface. These applications handle related capability and activity and on the client-side. On the other hand, the data operation and manipulation on the application server-side.

The rich internet application needs a browser, virtual machine, and browser plug-in to provide a user application. The server is responsible for handling the data manipulation while the user interface and other related object manipulation are managed by the client machine. Rich Internet applications are developed with powerful tools. These run faster and are always engaging. The users can expect more interactivity and a better visual experience than traditional browser applications because they are developed only with HTML and HTTP.

How Rich Internet Applications Work?

An RIA usually runs within a web browser. There is no need for software installation especially on the client-side to access it. However, some rich internet applications might work properly with one or other specific browsers. Considering the security purposes, most of the rich internet applications run on the client portions within the particularly secluded area of the client desktop. This is known as a sandbox. The sandbox restricts access and visibility of the operating system and data files on the client-side of the application server on the second side of the connection.

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are developed with the purpose to deliver responsiveness and interactivity. These are more responsive and functional as compared to desktop applications. With rich internet applications, the interaction appears dynamically and continuously. The users do not have to wait longer for the pages to load and refresh for basic data and layout updates. They can quickly see the results of their operations.

Technologies and Tools Used for Building RIAs

RIAs are developed with the latest technologies like Ajax and Flash (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) which enables them for the richer interactions. This happens because they support interactions with web servers without any specific “submit” actions. The primary use of RIAs, therefore, has been to remove the interactions that demand users to wait for the processing of the results by web servers and delivered to them with a loaded and refresh page.

These comprise of verifying user input and offering the necessary feedback to users. For filling out applications, giving adequate choices for data input, and enabling users to update information in a similar location where everything is being viewed. By connecting real-time features of data update with appropriate visual effects, Rich Internet Applications are created to make interactions with the web application effective, efficient, and pleasurable.

RIAs provide the best for both the Internet and PC worlds. These applications are administered online and possess tremendously rich user interactivity. There are numerous tools available for the development of rich internet applications. Some of the popular options are Ajax, Curl, JavaFX, Mozilla’s XUL, Adobe Flex, GWT, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Java, Microsoft Silverlight, and OpenLaszlo. Along with that, Google Docs and Google Maps are also familiar examples of Rich Internet Applications.

Rich Features That Distinguishes RIAs from Traditional Web Applications

Direct Interaction: Unlike the tradition web applications where the interaction is limited, RIAs is capable of using wide range of controls and this allows maximum efficiency and improvised user experience.

Offline Use: If the connectivity is not available then it is still possible to use the rich internet applications. When the application gets connected to the internet, all the data gets synchronized automatically.

Performance: RIAs are capable of performing better than traditional applications. The performance of the application depends upon the network characteristics. Consistency: RIAs are developed using variants of technologies and tools, the UX/UI with different operating systems and browsers can be managed with all the consistency.

The Advantages of Using RIAs for Enterprises

In the current scenario, Rich Internet Application development is considered the basic philosophy of marketing for several businesses. The businesses, be it a small startup or a large enterprise, all of them are looking forward to using the Internet to the fullest for effective marketing their business. The usage of these applications has completely changed the rules of business marketing and promotion in the digital realm. The businesses now have a sharp edge over their competitors. The biggest advantage of RIA development is that the user can seamlessly connect to a website and have access to the application without installing it on their local system. This feature of rich internet application offers a lot of compliance to the business processes. Rich internet applications are transforming the way of doing business. The technology that is used for developing such applications can be readily understood and administered to develop valuable web-based solutions. This has been certainly improving the presence of business websites over the Internet. In fact, majority of companies have already multiplied their success with the implementation of rich Internet applications into their online operations.

Most types of applications are developed under RIA. This includes spreadsheets, word processors, online games etc. In today’s business world, the companies are leveraging RIA technology for better success. YouTube is the best examples of websites that are built using RIA technology (AJAX and Adobe Flash). RIA also comes with a large community of software developers and this is the reason why majority of businesses are looking forward to use it for better results.

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