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Web design is the field associated with designing of the website that are running on the internet. The web design comprise of multiple different disciplines and task for developing and maintaining of websites. It is the complete process of planning, conceptualization and managing all kind of content intended for the internet. The web design consist of multiple areas which include interface design, web graphic design, website appearance and authoring, standardized coding, search engine optimization, proprietary software, UX/UI design and so on.

Earlier web designing industry was entirely focused on the development of website for the browsers running on desktops. But now the ever-changing technology has changed now made it compulsory to design websites that are compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

Often a web designers has to work in teams for encompassing multiple aspects involved in website designing process. The appearance, layout, navigation, features, overall look, content etc. are major areas to focus while giving an appropriate design to the website. Most of the times designers work on them all. Appearance, for instance, relates to the colors, font, and images used.

The layout is maintained by structuring and categorizing information. The features of good website design is simple to use, looks aesthetically captivating, and fulfils the requirements of brand of the website. The web pages in any website are designed with simplicity. The prime focus for designing such kind of web pages is that there should not be extraneous elements and information that distracts users. The web design must be capable to wins the trust of the targeted audience and to build the credibility of the brand. The web designer must remove all potential features from the design that can possibly frustrates users.

The web design is the term which describes the process of designing the front-end (also known as client side) of the website. The task of web designers also includes writing markup. Web design is one broad part of any web development project. The designers must have awareness of usability and if their role involves creating markup then they are also expected to be up to date with web accessibility guidelines.

Web Design Elements

For designing a good website it is important to consider two major aspects: the appearance and the functionality of the website. By integrating these elements into the website design, you can seamlessly make it high-performing. Here is the quick overview of the necessary elements in the website design:

Fonts: For designing a website, it is important to use easy-to-read fonts that goes perfectly with the design. You can use tools such as Canva’s Font Combinator to find the perfect match of fonts.

Colors: Colors are another important elements on the website. There are so many misconceptions about the color theory. The color you have been using must align with the brand and the message that you want to convey through it.

Layouts: How you have decided to make arrangements of your web content can make significant improvement in the appearance of the website. There are no certain rules that you have to follow for layout of your website.

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