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== Qdexi Technology ==
Qdexi Technology has been founded in the year 2018 for imparting its IT services. The company likes to offer its services to the small as well as the giant business. It contributes its role in various IT sectors such as, digital marketing, web development and designing services. Since the establishment, it delivered 2100+ projects and currently working on 100+ projects. The focus of the company is more on web development projects and digital marketing for catching the numerous eyeballs to the advance technology. The services of the company are furnished in all over the world or according to the demand of a particular location.
The preference is more given to the quality of the work instead of quantity. Balancing the customers’ requirements and the cost of the project is also guided by the project manager. Concerning the demands of the clients and suggesting solutions relevant to their business. They also like to negotiate the project cost for the start-ups and encourage them to unfold employment for the learners, who need career exposure and want to be self- dependent.
'''Current Scenario''':
The company has nearly 10K customers in around 150 countries and collaborates with professionals to create unique and quality solutions for the clients’. All American, SpringKlien, Red Lion diner, Manufacturing USA, Ace & Everett, and Sun Maxx Solar company’s website are developed by the experts of the Qdexi. The company also ally with freelancers, who are keen towards their passion and unable to land the dream job in the desired company.
'''Services Offered by Qdexi Technology''':
'''Digital Marketing Service''': The digital marketing emergence has transformed everything in the world. The traditional marketing has almost lose its existence. This drives marketers towards the reformation of effective marketing strategies that can be implemented on the internet. The marketers are making alteration in their marketing strategies. The entire landscape of the digital marketing revolves around the technology.
The digital realm is always changing and ever-evolving. The digital marketing strategies should well-measured. In order to meet the immense demand of digital marketing solutions the company has announced its result-oriented solutions. This includes search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, PPC Advertising, Social media Marketing, and much more. Completed around 500+ digital marketing projects solely and 600+ with the collaborated project of web development. According to the company report, there is the number of search engine optimization and pay per click is the prominent choice of the entrepreneurs.
'''Website Development Service''': Website development is the field associated with the maintenance and building of the websites. This takes a lot of work that keep on going behind the curtains to develop a website. This work make the website look great, make it fast to deliver high performance and seamless experience to the users. Web developers use multiple coding languages to create the websites. The programming languages used by them depends on the task type. There are many platforms on which web developers have to work. The company has completed 500+ projects based on CMS and 1000+ on PHP development in the recent past year. Rest of the other projects developed on different platforms. An enterprise portal is becoming famous among one, who wants to give a chance to new talents. This is a purposeful initiative by the company to unleash the new expertise all across the world.
'''[[Website Designing Service]]''': Website design is one of the popular field that is associated with designing of the website. All the websites that are running on the internet should be designed well. The web design consists of so many different practices for effective development and maintenance of websites. This is one complete process that plans, conceptualize, and manage the elements of the website and content. The whole process is done with the intention to provide best user experience. The web design encompasses the major areas and these include web graphic design, web interface design, appearance of the website and authoring. This also undertakes the search engine optimization, standardized coding, UX/UI design proprietary software, and so on.
'''Responsive Website Development''': Earlier, the complete web designing industry was focused on the web development. These websites were developed with the focus on the browsers that are used on desktops. The ever-changing technology has introduced new things and it is now compulsory to design websites that should be compatible with smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Currently the responsive website is popular among business partners to grab hold on smartphone users. And the company experienced this fashion in the past quarter of the year. RIA is another designing project popular in the developing countries for promoting a cashless economy and secure website.
'''E-Commerce Website Development''': A robust eCommerce website is working as the foundation for the online retail business. The businesses have started recognizing the importance of utilizing the latest technology for the maximization of the profitability. Considering the demand of robust eCommerce website, the company is delivering its well-measured and result-oriented eCommerce websites. 100+ project on Magento, 250+ on WooCommerce, 700+ on word press platform has been developed by this company. An E-Commerce platform is considered even by the small size- business holders for the opening store in a particular location. Magento is the best platform for developing e-Commerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon.
'''Game Development''': C# and C++ based gaming applications have gained tremendous monument in past few years. The expert solution provider at this company have learned different languages and they use their imaginative skills to create the best gaming application. Unity is another popular platform for the gaming application for making real-time engagement with the users of the application.
The IT solutions rendered by the Qdexi Technology are not just limited to these. The company has been empowering the businesses all across the globe with their best practices. For more details do not hesitate to visit the website.

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